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Festivals news
    The regulations
about 3-d festival Moscow open are aproved and the winning prize has increased more than twice compared to 2006.
    Organizars guarantee enough foreign professional chess players will take part in the festival.
   Open A games first 20 boards - will be broadcasted in the Internet on-line!!
    There are more than 500 players in open A and B !!
The best players
of open A
Malakhov V. 2663
Zvjaginsev V. 2658
Dreev A. 2658
Riazantsev A. 2629
Moiseenko A. 2627
Fedorov A. 2624
Smirnov P. 2621
Korotylev A. 2615
Najer E. 2605
Malakhatko V. 2604
Bocharov D. 2602
Aleksandrov A. 2601
Belov V. 2600
Khismatullin D. 2599
Shipov S. 2591
Svetushkin D. 2588
Rychagov A. 2586
Lastin A. 2583
Kornev A. 2582
Kazhgaleyev M. 2579
Yakovich Y. 2577
Burmakin V. 2568
Vorobiov E. 2563
Amonatov F. 2559
Chernyshov K. 2556
   553 players take part in Open A and B: 56 grandmasters (7 women), 71 masters (8) and 68 FIDE masters (24)
   The Russian players are the most numerous at the tournament 501 chess players. There are 21 players from Ukraine, 4 from Moldavia, 3 from Azerbaijan; 2 from Uzbekistan, Georgia and Latvia Twenty two countries take part in the festival.

Nerve struggle

Photo report about the fifth day of the festival

Bocharov is inside. He was personally invited for word of honor of his coach Hasin, who promised to the director of the festival Zlochevsky for Dmitry to get 2600 point by January, 1st . He didnt deceive. However Bocharov, having won 4 games at a run, apparently took the way for 2700 point, for the future not to repeat this situation...

A strong handshake. Despite breakaway from other competitors , there couldnt have been any discourse about quick draw!

Especially under eyes of TV cameras
While Bocharov stood up and walked in the hall, Najer seemed to be stuck to his chair. He was so deep in the game that didnt notice anything around. Even his sweater lying on the floor.

There was deep concentration at other tables also. Farrukh Amonatov having hind half of his face in the collar of the sweater, steered at the board...
Two youths with different fates at the second table. Yasha Geller is still a player of promise whereas Sasha Ryazantsev is a player, who comes up with expecteations In the game one with the famous in the chess world surname tried to do his best But alas

Geller: If my eyes couldnt watch that position Ryazantsev is about to join the leaders
Another discovery of Moscow open 2007 International Master from Kazan Marat Askarov . He has had some bright victories lately. Perhaps, he came here for another one Dmitry Svetushkin is trying to stop him...
Experienced players Andrey Zontakh and Vadim Zvyagintsev

Ones who rebelled calm in the main hall Sergey Ionov, Alexander Danin and Timur Gareev
Starting with a loss didnt embarrass Pavel Smirnov. So did Boris Grachev who then won five times a year ago. Smirnov has only three though. Will he repeat Boris s deed? And for Boris there is a chance.

In the second hall Lastin is still present. Are his ambitions alive?
And what is with the main womens prize? Will Irina Vasilevich or Alisa Gallymova get it ? Irina has strong opponents- Moiseenko, Ryazantsev, Bologan and now Fillipenko
Meanwhile distribution of prizes has started and soon Cups will be delivered Before every round all the participants got souvenirs.

Reading room with senior Amannazarov at the head: every thing is there!