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Festivals news
    The regulations
about 3-d festival Moscow open are aproved and the winning prize has increased more than twice compared to 2006.
    Organizars guarantee enough foreign professional chess players will take part in the festival.
   Open A games first 20 boards - will be broadcasted in the Internet on-line!!
    There are more than 500 players in open A and B !!
The best players
of open A
Malakhov V. 2663
Zvjaginsev V. 2658
Dreev A. 2658
Riazantsev A. 2629
Moiseenko A. 2627
Fedorov A. 2624
Smirnov P. 2621
Korotylev A. 2615
Najer E. 2605
Malakhatko V. 2604
Bocharov D. 2602
Aleksandrov A. 2601
Belov V. 2600
Khismatullin D. 2599
Shipov S. 2591
Svetushkin D. 2588
Rychagov A. 2586
Lastin A. 2583
Kornev A. 2582
Kazhgaleyev M. 2579
Yakovich Y. 2577
Burmakin V. 2568
Vorobiov E. 2563
Amonatov F. 2559
Chernyshov K. 2556
   553 players take part in Open A and B: 56 grandmasters (7 women), 71 masters (8) and 68 FIDE masters (24)
   The Russian players are the most numerous at the tournament 501 chess players. There are 21 players from Ukraine, 4 from Moldavia, 3 from Azerbaijan; 2 from Uzbekistan, Georgia and Latvia Twenty two countries take part in the festival.

The begining...

First day festival photo report

Theatre begins with a hanger and a tournament - with advertising. Everyone in Moscow knows about the Third Moscow open. Posters and banners have decorated the capital for some days and RSSU area sparkles with advertising as a New Year tree. Welcome to RSSU!

The main building of the university is a place for annual chess players meeting.

Tournament has been developing and instead of presidium we see a scene decorated with dozens of participating countries flags . There are enough of them to confer international titles.
The hall is absolutely full. There are so many participants that all of them could hardly ever find room there even standing up. When head of the university entered the hall he happened to be in a tight ring of students...

First people of Moscow open 2007. In a moment representatives of Chess Federation are expected to arrive.
Chess dancing is an unchangeable part of any opening ceremony

Grace and plastic arts: Black and White in junior ballet-dancers performing...

Traditional greeting turned in surprise. After increasing the prize fund for more than one third university made a present for written press. Vasiliy Zhukov determined three prizes for media in amount of 150, 100 and 50 thousand rubles.
And then in the conference hall classical choir of RSSU started singing.

Medley of native Russian songs , Life for the Tsar and as a peak two hymns of Russia and RSSU while thundering firework cannon.

Studying building 5 is a native home for Moscow open

Chess tournament is a new and honorary chapter in glorious history of the university

and habitual welter some minutes before starting the clock

Whats about pairings?

Winner of the first festival Muscovite Farrukh Amonatov

and co-winner of the second one Muscovite Boris Crachev

Pieces faded in expectations: in a moment everything starts...

And the first move at the first table Alexey Dreev- Tatyana Grabuzova
Pair of rating favorites Pavel Smirnov and Alexey Fedorov

A year ago Alexey Alexandrov started playing at the first table whereas now he played at the sixth.

Problems? No, thats a Swiss clock !

Moscow open 2007: the first step was done, there are eight ones left...