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Festivals news
    The regulations
about 3-d festival Moscow open are aproved and the winning prize has increased more than twice compared to 2006.
    Organizars guarantee enough foreign professional chess players will take part in the festival.
   Open A games first 20 boards - will be broadcasted in the Internet on-line!!
    There are more than 500 players in open A and B !!
The best players
of open A
Malakhov V. 2663
Zvjaginsev V. 2658
Dreev A. 2658
Riazantsev A. 2629
Moiseenko A. 2627
Fedorov A. 2624
Smirnov P. 2621
Korotylev A. 2615
Najer E. 2605
Malakhatko V. 2604
Bocharov D. 2602
Aleksandrov A. 2601
Belov V. 2600
Khismatullin D. 2599
Shipov S. 2591
Svetushkin D. 2588
Rychagov A. 2586
Lastin A. 2583
Kornev A. 2582
Kazhgaleyev M. 2579
Yakovich Y. 2577
Burmakin V. 2568
Vorobiov E. 2563
Amonatov F. 2559
Chernyshov K. 2556
   553 players take part in Open A and B: 56 grandmasters (7 women), 71 masters (8) and 68 FIDE masters (24)
   The Russian players are the most numerous at the tournament 501 chess players. There are 21 players from Ukraine, 4 from Moldavia, 3 from Azerbaijan; 2 from Uzbekistan, Georgia and Latvia Twenty two countries take part in the festival.

Frost and the sun...

Photo report about the forth day of the festival

On the verge of February winter weather has come to Moscow. The sun is shining, feet are crunching the snow, passers by in a hurry while scringing because of frost. Doves raised their feathers and in ponds always hungry ducks fussed....

And its not windy. Nature faded in numb amazement...

In RSSU things are humming, though!

Especially in lecture hall 310 where in the fourth day of the festival A6 tournament started (in the neighboring audience B6). Exactly there the best players gathered, among them there are more than 15 Grandmasters including Bologan, Sveshnikov...

...Gallyamova, Malakhov, Zvyagintsev, Moiseenko, Hismatulin, Malakhatko, Ryazantsev
If a view of Viorel Balagan ( the winner of Aeroflot-open and Dortmund in 2003) at the chess board is a usual one, but watching Sergey Shipov moving pieces is a great luck. Famous net-commentator hasnt taken pieces lately.

Twins Volodya Malakhov and Vadim Zvyagintsev are justifiably at the head of peloton.
Alisa Gallyamova hadnt gone out recently but managed to win twice and reached the first table . It was amazing! Even vice-champion of Moscow in flashgun didnt believe his eyes.

Kazakh Grandmaster Murtaz Kazhgaleev also visits Moscow once a year..
Criss-cross: Korotylev - Sveshnikov, Hismatulin- Malakhov...

Olympic champion 2004 Alexander Moiseenko: playing in Moscow-open
Is it easy to play rapid chess ? It only seems so Zvyagintsev and Moiseenko can tell you that!

One of the leaders of seven-day-players Alexander Lastin dropped in the Hall...
Open-door hall. Grandmaster Zakurdyaeva in a role of interested spectator

Classical situation: Bologan against Sveshnikov!

Everything as usual: tense struggling and lots of spectators surrounded the hottest table.

but the drawas usual it doesnt satisfied the opponents